What Others Are Saying:

“I want to thank you for your book... I kind of went on the journey with you.  I could relate to it.  It was inspirational, motivational and just so honest.  Thank you.”
-Aishah S., 38

"Meres-Sia [Sia-Love] has such a poetic voice.  The world deserves to experience her writing!"

-Karen English, author of Nikki and Deja

"Your book is truly amazing, it is deep and soothing, definitely inspirational."
- Vatrina, 17

The book that started the TWIRL! Movement -

Sia-Love's first book


Sia-Love teaches creative writing and performance workshops for youth and adults of all experience levels. Previous workshops include:

  • Youth Poetry Workshop, Museum of African Diaspora, San Francisco, CA (2012)
  • Creative Writing Workshops for the Spring production of "Dance, Words, Music, Me...What Matters!" Dimensions Dance Theatre R.O.P and D.E.P.E youth program, Oakland, CA (2012)
  • Creative Writing Workshops, Foster Families Program, Contra Costa College, Richmond, CA (2009) 
  • Learn more about her creative work as an Educator HERE and HERE

I Twirl in the Smoke

From the back cover:

Meres-Sia's mixed-genre memoir lovingly offers the gift of a life's worth of learning to its readers. This collection traces one woman's story from youth to motherhood, from pain and insecurity to self-confidence and self-actualization. 

Through its songs and meditations, the work testifies to the transformative powers of love--romantic, filial, divine, and self-love. 

Twirl sweeps the reader up in its rhythmical embrace, extending its love to all those who would welcome it and inviting readers to take part in love's radical transformation.

45 pages, $12.95 + shipping & handling

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"Sister Sia has already inspired her students who immediately used her stories...as a way of overcoming their struggles.

Many of us including me did not truly understand our personal struggles thinking they were here in an attempt to bring us down - but alas Sister Sia shows us very clearly our struggles are part of [a] beautiful...force Twirling us full speed toward a most sacred thing - ourselves!"

- Roger S., 49

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