Online launch at 5:30pm at Sia-Love Music/Poetry 

Poetess, Recording Artist, Author and Public Speaker, Sia-Love has performed to standing ovations locally and internationally, captivating large and intimate audiences with ease.  

A former high school French teacher, Sia-Love is an Artist-Educator who is equally adept in the classroom as she is on stage.  With deep artistic/activist roots (her mother was the only woman artist for the Black Panther Party and her father was it's Minister of Culture),  she draws from the totality of her experiences as a panther cub, mother, teacher, woman, Oakland native and world traveler to create music that is inspiring and cosmopolitan.  

Sia-Love is currently working on her second EP with Andre Neal. They will release it Friday, May 20, 2016 at 5:30pm

Check out her book I Twirl in the SmokeHERE.

About Sia-Love

Last night
the moon came dropping
it's clothes
in the street...
I took it as a sign
to start singing


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